Home Elevation

Home Elevation

We understand the devastation that flooding can cause. Our family and neighbors were also affected by natural disasters that caused havoc in our hometown.  

Once you decide to elevate your home, flooding will no longer be a concern. At Excello Homes, home elevation is one of our specialties. 


Excello Homes can absolutely help with home renovation! Whether modernization needs to be rejuvenated or completely overhauled, our experience in residential home renovation will take the headache out of home repair.

Special Needs Accessibility

Many of the homes that we have Elevated, Built or Remodeled in the different programs have met special needs accessibility. We have worked closely with Architects, Engineers, and Elevator Companies, to meet the homeowner’s needs, while complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Residential Elevators & Lifts

Residential elevators & lifts are not only for the elderly and disabled, Excello Homes will install a Highly Advanced A+ Industry Rated Elevator and/ or a Personal Lift for your home. These elevators or personal lifts provide ease with adapting to your new home elevation.

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