Frequently asked questions

Home Elevation
Can a home built with a slab be lifted?

Yes, absolutely. We have also elevated houses that had both slab and pier and beam foundations.

Should I raise my house?

Elevation is the best way of reducing Your homes flood risk!

How high should I raise my home?

While FEMA may only require the lowest level of your home to be raised to the BFE (Base Flood Elevation), some communities enforce a “freeboard” requirement, which mandates your home to be raised above the BFE to meet the community’s flood protection level.

Can I live in my home during the project?

You can live in your house while it is being elevated, but you will be without many of your amenities. Plumbing, electrical and HVAC must all be disconnected so that the house can be lifted.  

Is elevating my home safe?

Yes, our experienced team utilizes state of the art technology to lift your home.

What if my home has had foundation issues?

Our engineer will utilize steel plates to connect any areas of the foundation that may have had repairs in the past. This maintains the structural stability of the foundation.

Will I save money on flood insurance for my house?

Yes. If your community is enrolled in the Community Rating System (CRS), you may be receiving a discount on your flood insurance. The discount is calculated based on the community’s efforts to reduce the risk of flooding. If you have questions about CRS, call your insurance agent or insurer.

What is the timeline to get started?

When you select Excello Homes, we will begin the engineering and permitting process. Once this is complete, we can mobilize within a matter of days.

Can an elevated home meet accessibility needs?

Yes, we have worked closely with architects, engineers, and accessibility lift companies, to meet the homeowner’s needs, while complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Many of our trades are involved with the process, including electrical and carpentry. We have installed ramps for lower elevated homes. For homes that are elevated above five feet, we install elevators and wheelchair lifts.

Is Excello Home’s elevation backed by a warranty?

Excello Homes has a long record of honoring the home warranty to the extent outlined by law and beyond when special conditions or mandates occurred. Once homes are complete, warranty performance is vital to ongoing success for the program owner as well as Excello Homes as the contractor.

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