Home Elevation Contractors - Beaumont, Texas
Home Elevation Contractors - Beaumont, Texas

Lifting your home can be a detailed and complicated task. Our goal is to give you bite-sized guides that will help provide you with all the information needed to educate yourself on everything involving home elevation.

In the coming weeks, these are just some of the topics that you can expect us to cover.  

  • Elevating Your Home? What You Need to Know and Do.
  • What is the Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program and who is eligible?
  • The application processes.
  • Understanding the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program as an Individual
  • Elevation Certificate. What is it? How do I obtain a copy?
  • Flood Insurance
  • Does my community participate in the National Flood Insurance Program?
  • Who do I contact for additional assistance?

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